Do You Have Patience With Your Love?

Photo of a Man Carrying His Partner

Acting patiently towards your spouse can enable you to maintain the peace in the relationship so that it is possible to sustain the love and stability in the partnership.

In this article, I want to have a look at a few things you can do to become even more individual in your relationship so you can have an enjoyable love life.

1. Think About the Benefits of Exercising a Little Patience
Think about what you’ll gain if you control yourself. By doing so, you will realize that you stand to gain if you control your temper, and you’ll be more prepared to be patient.

By way of example, you can decide to think to yourself such as, “Isaac is helping me a lot. He bought me a wise phone and laptop last year, and he has promised to buy me a car. Although I get irritated every time I see him talking to other girls, I will not lose all that he has promised to do for me just because I’m jealous he talks to other women. Rather, I will control myself and find out the truth about his connection with these girls. If I react angrily, it is going to hurt the connection and that I will lose all the fantastic things he has in store for me. I wish to become more individual. I must be patient so that I can keep him. ” It will enable you to become more patient with others.

2. Remind Yourself of How Impatience Has Price Some People in the Past
Read the story of how Saul was dethroned because he had been impatient (1Kings 13 of the Bible), and of how Moses did not get the opportunity to set his foot in Canaan, a land flowing with milk and honey, since he had been impatient (Numbers Chapter 20 of the Bible).

Meditate on these stories and also on the experiences of people you know in your family or neighborhood who have lost material possessions or the love of their loved ones because they were impatient.

This exercise will force you to find that sometimes impatience can cost individuals in a excellent way. Moreover, you may reason that if you are not careful, it is also possible to suffer the fate of these people. Accordingly, you’ll be motivated to maintain your impatience in check.

One of the ways to become more patient would be to ruminate upon the lives of those who have gained great benefits after being patient.
You will find cases of people in the Bible who got great rewards as soon as they exercised patience.

Remind yourself of how she endured provocation, Cocoa Bat Removal and ridicule, and the rewards she got, and let it teach you how you can endure provocation from your spouse. You will become more patient once you apply the methods she used to endure provocation in 1 Samuel Chapter 1 of this Bible.

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